Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zippers twisted

I decided to finally use some of these zippers around here.  How fun that this trend would come.  I never would of thought of making a flower out of a zipper!  They turned out dang cute!  We now have to hit up the thrift store for more zippers.  We decided what kind of flower by how much zipper we had. 

This one is glued on a metal headband (4/$1 at the Dollar Tree)

This one is attached to a bobby pin.  I used felt and it has stayed in all day!

These two I glued onto alligator clips

Can you tell I have a box of aqua zippers!  Years ago for $1 I got a box of about 80 7" zippers, about time I give them use. hahaha.  

I think the roses are my favorite

One more shot:

Tell me do you want a tutorial on how we made these? All 10 of you that read my blog, hehehe

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