Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breakfast anyone?

I was busy all last week putting together some felt food for the craft sale last Saturday.  I think this is one of my favorite sets.  However, it did have a lot of hand sewing, which was not my favorite!

Tomorrow I will post Lunch!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Made cookies today

Don't they look yummy?  These were so fun!  The girls couldn't wait to play with them. 
They said they need an oven mitt. 
I am making these for a craft show next week.  Maybe I will have to add one to the kit.

This frosting I just threw on really fast.  I think I will make some with sprinkles.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Key Fobs

I am, as I may have mentioned before, PTA Membership VP (sounds cool, huh?) I took in a little incentive teachers survival kit that I was offering to every teacher that signed up to PTA.

They receive this cute little bundle of caffeine, chocolate and a personalized key fob?

Well I am disappointed to say that I did not get 100% of the teachers to sign up with such a great incentive of a handmade personalized key fob :(

Maybe when they see how cute they are the rest will change their minds

 Yes I know the M is off shhhh

If anyone is needing some key fob hardware...looks like I have extra!

Just for information sake this is how I made my fobs:
  1. cut my fabric 10"x3"
  2. layered the ribbon 1/2" from the top and embroidered the letter centered top to bottom at about 5/8" from the edge
  3. Fold the fabric right sides together and stitch down the 10" side 1/4" seam allowance
  4. Turn it right side out
  5. Cut a piece of peltex stabilizer with the double side adhesive 10" X 1 1/8"
  6. Stuff it into the tube (should slide right in, you can bend it in half and stuff it in then lay it back flat)
  7. Iron the stabilizer in place
  8. Top stitch down the sides
  9. fold  so the ends I got a little tip from where I purchased my key fobs run a little hot glue right at the end and it will hold the material in the keyfob without worrying of keeping everything straight while you do the pounding.
  10. Place key fob over the edge.
  11. Pound the key fob closed
  12. Your done!!