Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seeing Blue?

Yes blue has came out of my sewing room.  Some friends had a baby boy.  I am embarressed to say he is 5 months old already and I am finally getting this over to them.  I purchased the fabric right after she had him.  Sewed some of it together on a sewing night with my friend.  With in the next week I finished the quilt and it still has been sitting in my sewing room for a month!  Eeekkk.  I am terrible!
I cut out three different sized circles.  Found most those blues in my scrap stash.  Didn't do to bad finding non girly ones.  I did purchase the blue plaid, the backing fabric and the binding fabric.
I sewed each circle on one at a time on to a white square layering them up.  Then I pieced the squares together.

I chose a thin batting as I thought this was going to be a summer blanket.  But because I am a procrastinator it is going to have to work for fall.
I decided to stitch just outside of my seams.  I really like the look it gave it. And it is an easy effect to do with the walking foot.
I wish I had made my middle circle slightly bigger.  I was using what I could find that was round.  The ratio isn't right but in the end they looked fine.
Then I washed the blanket to get a ragged effect.
It is really quite soft and comfy.  I hope their little guy likes it too.