Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zippers twisted

I decided to finally use some of these zippers around here.  How fun that this trend would come.  I never would of thought of making a flower out of a zipper!  They turned out dang cute!  We now have to hit up the thrift store for more zippers.  We decided what kind of flower by how much zipper we had. 

This one is glued on a metal headband (4/$1 at the Dollar Tree)

This one is attached to a bobby pin.  I used felt and it has stayed in all day!

These two I glued onto alligator clips

Can you tell I have a box of aqua zippers!  Years ago for $1 I got a box of about 80 7" zippers, about time I give them use. hahaha.  

I think the roses are my favorite

One more shot:

Tell me do you want a tutorial on how we made these? All 10 of you that read my blog, hehehe

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leather Headbands

We were on vacation last week and I need a project for those times when we just sit around with nothing to do. We were camping you see, there is down time, relaxing time...
We picked out a few purses from the DI (local thrift store) and some head bands from the dollar store.

This was my first one. I did figure out that my hand stitching is not a good as I would like. I could have done this twice as fast at home with the machine! But you do what you have to out living in the dirt. I did have a hot glue gun. HA!

My SIL took an attempt at joining me in the purse destruction. Um I mean reconstruction. (Much to JuJu's dismay she really really wanted that green purse. I think she still took off with a white purse as I have yet to get my hands on it!)

I copied Ruffles and Lace's headband for this next one. I was in the mountains so I didn't have the tutorial handy. I went off memory. Seems I put it together different, but it came out pretty much the same. We used the handle of the purse for the headband part on this one and the stitching that was on the purse for part of the bow...

That's all so far, but today we are making zipper tomorrow come back for more hair pretties!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Car Seat Cover

I forgot to take a before picture so you could truly appreciate what it looks like now. Just imagine a brown faded holy cover to this...

Please disregard the dirty floor {embarrassed}

It took about 4 hours! A little longer than I wanted to take, but I did have to do some unpicking :(
It took one yard of fabric for $5.99 and I used Headvisor material foam stuff (forgive me I don't know what they called it, but it is for automobiles from Hancock) for the seat bottom as it was worn through where the little legs hang down.

You ready to recover one too? Here is how I did it.
  1. I unpicked the old cover (making mental note of how it went together, which didn't go over well since I had to unpick, hehehehe) I used it for a pattern giving myself an extra 1/2" around.
  2. I then pinned everything to the old seat cover parts. Adding an extra layer of foam to the seat bottom.
  3. I stitched the button holes.
  4. Then I ran a basting stitch around each pattern piece connecting the new fabric to the old piece...this makes for a perfect fit. Then I trimmed all the fabric to match the old seat cover parts.
  5. I sewed it all back together. The top to the bottom, then the sides, then the outsides.
  6. I used FOE along the top and bottom to cover the edges. I had purchased green fabric to make binding and that would have worked as well, just got lazy I guess. You could also just go all the way around...which I did on the infant seat I did earlier with bias binding.
  7. I didn't go all the way around because I had serged the pieces down the sides. Through the middle I added some FOE pulling it so it would stretch over the edge just to make it a little more snug, the old seat cover didn't have this and flipped up a lot.
I love that this seat has those plastic covers there on the back. Keeps everything snapped in place and covers those button holes.
Now V wants her seat recovered too. Maybe next week.
So lets go recover!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Last pair tonight

Well V couldn't go to sleep again in her zip up flannel pajamas. I got some supper light weight knit on sale at the quilt shop about two weeks ago. This was Simplicity 8488. I have made this pattern before but it was years ago. I forgot that it was a little big on top. I think only because I didn't take the right seam allowance, which happens when I just use the serger sometimes. My knife is not working so well.

She says I got them to long. We did a test try on before adding the bottom ruffle and decided to add the ruffle. Well, we don't always get it right. She still wore them to bed.

PJ's again

Guess who doesn't have any PJ's...dd#4, but I am making them for dd#5 hahaha. I never have the needs lined up with my whims. But this pattern was just so cute! I found it at the thrift store Saturday for $.50 awesome! I had just pulled out all my light knits to make V some summer jammies and so I have been looking through my patterns. This one was just the sort I was going to adjust one of my other patterns too. It is Butterick 3950 It was a Medium size so I added an inch to the length. Next time I make it I will add 2".

I hate to mention what a hassle my serger gave me today! But ohh was I having a day! It keeps not catching on the first needle. I have tried all sorts of adjustments to fix it but it seems to have it's own idea of catching when it wants. Then going through the double seems at the arms kept breaking my needles. One after the other. Argggggg. Well we made it in the end, and hopefully it will make it through a couple more pairs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Aprons.

These are tiny and cute. The nursery at church need some extra aprons for the kids to wear when playing with play dough. I traced the green one. Everything was from stash :o Finally a reason to use all this double fold bias I was given. I got really familiar with my piping foot, I still don't know it I like it though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pajamas to cute to sleep in?

I purchased this cute fabric last splurge for me. Was not on sale. Was at the expensive quilt store...but it was darn cute. And what luck tonight I found in my stash the perfect matching Rick Rack! (see the price on that! :))

Well who doesn't love to look cute when sleeping? This is the Butterick 6659 pattern. I was super excited to see that it fit perfectly. Most patterns I don't get so lucky.
So over all is $10 to spend on cute pajamas, to much? (I did use some of the polka dot on that dress last week and I have some scraps left could make some darling baby stuff or something.)

Monday, July 5, 2010

UFO finished

I hate to admit how long this has been a UFO, but since there are very few people that read this blog what the heck. At least 6 years if not more. I was determined to get it on my wall by the 4th. I am happy to report it was hanging by the 3rd! Yeah!!

I took a quilting class with my SIL and they taught us cutting and measuring tecniques using the 9 patch and the log cabin (that quilt is still not done). They taught us how to hand quilt. I think that is why I put it away. I decided they are never going to come and check up on me what the heck am I waiting for. I stitched in the ditch bound it and hung it. You probably can't tell but there are little flags on the fabric and stars on the blue and red borders.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yummy Sherbert

I made this cute dress with the sew-a-long on Ellie Inspired. The top has cut since May when she started it. I just got busy the next week and couldn't complete it. V turned 5 so I finished the dress and we went and got some pictures taken.

She loved it. She said it was to fluffy when we tried it on with the first three layers so I kept the next three layers at the same length on the ruffle so it wouldn't get much bigger. She can't wait to wear it to church.