Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bags, Bags, Bags!!

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if we would volunteer to make bags for the girls camp this week. I for some crazy reason said yes. The girls worked hard and passed off a 10 hour goal for doing them. They even invited friends to join the fun.
We did them 5 at a time in strips then cut them apart and then sewed up the sides. JunieBug is now very good at threading the serger!

Here they are. 265 bags to be exact! I only got this picture of about 30

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Belt Bracelets

The kids were bored the other day. We pulled out some belts I got for a buck at the thrift store. One was to hard to bend into bracelets. The other one pulled apart once we cut it, so Kierra went and got her old favorite belts and we cut them into these fun Bracelets. I just added snaps on the ends and burned the edges.

Batman in Pink

This was a special order for a girls batman birthday Party. Isn't it cute in pink?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another try at the Sparklers

My dd decided that the flowers needed more pop. This time I used a firecracker design. I cut the flowers with the pinking sheers then cut each petal into strips. I slipped the flowers in under just when it did the sparkle on top. I think I like it even better. These are going to my craft show this weekend. If they don't sell they just happen to be in the girls sizes!!

Car Seat cover

My friend is having a baby and we are swapping skills. She is a photographer I am a sewer...What a great trade! I recovered her car seat with material she brought to me. I started with this pattern here. I read through it, but from there just unpicked and copied. Which is really all the instructions say. But they were there if I forgot. (although my car seat cover was slightly different.) I like that you use the original cover. It should make for a good fit. For the canopy I did french seams so I didn't have to do the bias tape again.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sparkler Dress

First let me say thanks to my inspiration! Cole's Corner made the most adorable 4th of July dress. I just had to try. I didn't have any extra funds to fork out money for the pattern so I traced a dress I had. Worked great in my sample so I pressed on. I used an old blue shirt and some other knit fabrics. I saw this adorable firecracker with the flower as the fire. I told my daughter about it and we went to the dollar store to grab some flowers. She wants me to make her a shirt for a sample, hehehe. Well I get home to put the firecracker on and she looks all confused and says I thought you meant sparklers. So we changed it up a bit and this is what I came up with. These flowers are actually from a lei. I have some carnations I am using on the bigger shirt. I love it! (my husband says it looks like exploding flowers, but I know you all get the idea. Right?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have been so busy this first few days of the month. Adjusting to school being out and having extra activities for the girls is wiping me out! I did finally get this accomplished.
Grandma and Grandpa are across the sea on a LDS Mission. We have made them laminated placemats with pictures for Christmas or Father's Day in the past and they love them. I wanted to do it again but seeing as it has to be mailed and getting into the smallest priority box, this year I made them with fabric. I used mostly scraps and some Photo Fabric I picked up at JoAnns.
I worked around the photos I printed. I wanted more group photos for the second placemat but the kids were cramping my style, hehehe. Once the baby was smiling everyone was looking at her or frowning because it was taking so long. Well one photo was what we got. I have to learn let go more and just use the more candid ones. The placemats came out to be 18 X 15. (they look tiny in the picture. I have huge tile in my entry way, guess I should have found somewhere else to take the picture.)I have a tie that I am putting in the package too. I still need to get the embroidery on it. I hope it gets there by Next Saturday.

The placemat with only one photo is actually upside down in this photo to how I made it. Isn't it fun that you can not tell?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Law

Well sounds like I am in charge anyway. My kids tend to wake super early...I tend to like to sleep in. They quickly devour cold cereal before I can get up and direct them to eat something else. Thus created the breakfast menu. We have 10 choices that we can move around according to what I have available. My 5 yr old loves it. She seems to wake up starving. Now she knows what's for breakfast. Many of them I make ahead and freeze. (more sleep in time for me!)
Sorry for the bad picture. I laminated everything so it is getting a lot of glare. Umm buy the way that is a bagel not donuts, if you are checking out the pictures.

Next we have the snack board. Last year I found that I was buying snacks all summer. It felt that they were gone long before they should have been and nobody claimed to be the one that ate them all! So now I buy snacks divide them into boxes and they have to redeem the snacks from me.

I found these bright colored envelopes at the dollar store. They each get 10 cards a week (should be two snacks a day, but if they want to eat them all the first half of the week, fine with me. Just don't ask for a snack on Friday if you are out of cards.) I used my silhouette to cut out the letters. So fun and easy. They colored the cards. (little girls couldn't stop at just the cards :)) I got everything laminated at the school supply store.


I couldn't help it! Everyone is doing it! Alla my old t-shirt to new dress...
I used this tutorial to make the flowers. I tried using the gathering foot on the serger to add the white knit to the green. It did not work well. The sample worked, I don't know for sure where it went wrong after that. But it still turned out cute.