Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sparkler Dress

First let me say thanks to my inspiration! Cole's Corner made the most adorable 4th of July dress. I just had to try. I didn't have any extra funds to fork out money for the pattern so I traced a dress I had. Worked great in my sample so I pressed on. I used an old blue shirt and some other knit fabrics. I saw this adorable firecracker with the flower as the fire. I told my daughter about it and we went to the dollar store to grab some flowers. She wants me to make her a shirt for a sample, hehehe. Well I get home to put the firecracker on and she looks all confused and says I thought you meant sparklers. So we changed it up a bit and this is what I came up with. These flowers are actually from a lei. I have some carnations I am using on the bigger shirt. I love it! (my husband says it looks like exploding flowers, but I know you all get the idea. Right?

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