Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Law

Well sounds like I am in charge anyway. My kids tend to wake super early...I tend to like to sleep in. They quickly devour cold cereal before I can get up and direct them to eat something else. Thus created the breakfast menu. We have 10 choices that we can move around according to what I have available. My 5 yr old loves it. She seems to wake up starving. Now she knows what's for breakfast. Many of them I make ahead and freeze. (more sleep in time for me!)
Sorry for the bad picture. I laminated everything so it is getting a lot of glare. Umm buy the way that is a bagel not donuts, if you are checking out the pictures.

Next we have the snack board. Last year I found that I was buying snacks all summer. It felt that they were gone long before they should have been and nobody claimed to be the one that ate them all! So now I buy snacks divide them into boxes and they have to redeem the snacks from me.

I found these bright colored envelopes at the dollar store. They each get 10 cards a week (should be two snacks a day, but if they want to eat them all the first half of the week, fine with me. Just don't ask for a snack on Friday if you are out of cards.) I used my silhouette to cut out the letters. So fun and easy. They colored the cards. (little girls couldn't stop at just the cards :)) I got everything laminated at the school supply store.

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