Friday, September 24, 2010

Twirl Skirt

This skirt was sooo easy. I cut the circle skirt using this tutorial that I have used before.  Added the really nice large waist band like I saw posted on a forum, this is actually folded in half.  I am sure she will probably never wear it unfolded like a dress, but it does give it extra tightness to keep it up.


I also made her a flower broach with one layer of flannel and then the two knits layered. I sewed down a flower shape than cut it out about 3/8" away and then cut the top knit to the stitches showing the bottom knit.  Then I just wound up a strip and stitched it on for the center. (sorry it is blurry, I am going to blame that on the camera!)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daddy's Girl

I have the privilege of test a pattern for a sweet lady that sales on line.  I made two dresses.  One for the baby and one for V

Daddy's Girl Size 5 #6

Daddy's Girl Size 5 #2


Daddy's Girl #2
 Don't you just love the tatting?  That was in my stash!  Yeah!
And those buttons? Found them in the drawer. What a lucky day!
Daddy's Girl #4

Daddy's Girl #8

I really wanted a picture together maybe another day! They both were super cranky when they took photos.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Copy And Steal Everything. 
I read this out in the web somewhere and that is me!  And here is a CASE of my CASEing:


She loved it!  It really has been done minus the tail for over two weeks. Someone took off with the "tail" and they couldn't find it for me.  Until I took the time to dig through the dress-up box (I mean corner).  She said she loved wearing it except her friend kept wanting to touch her. hahaha

The designs was free on Sewforum for a while but is no longer available.  The skirt I used a tutorial, but she suggested 60" 30+30...way to big with the double layer.  Maybe it was my fabric?  I cut about 15" off.  I will keep to my regular cut of about the width of fabric on these skirts.  The top band is the waist plus 2".  Which worked great for us.  May be more of a problem on someone with more of a bum though.  sorry I can't find the link to the tut, but I am on a temporary  lap top right now and don't have all my links.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cross Stitch theme bag

My MIL asked me to make a bag for her to give as a gift. The lady loves to cross stitch. With some help I was able to find these designs they were 50% off too!

She wanted the bag black and white with some red on it. I had some left over white fabric from making the baby's blessing dress and I thought it was perfect with the crossing pattern on it.

I hope she likes her bag.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clothing Tags

Out in forum land I saw these darling hanging tags for using on the kids hangers. The idea is to pick their school outfits and hang them up for each day of the week. I decided the kids needed a pocket to put socks in. That is our worst thing in the morning, to find the matching socks! Problem resolved! V got this first set. CeCe is begging for a set for her hangers now. I used an embroidery applique dress pattern. I really cheated and used the salvage edge for the back side pocket so these were super easy! The Wednesday is missing because it was already hanging with her first day of school outfit.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well it is my 4th time doing it, but a little of me is lost everytime!  Where did my time with my sweet little V go?  Already off to start Kindergarten!  I was really running out of time so she got a really quick, and I mean quick I did it this morning in about 5 minutes, redwork design on her shirt.  She colored it over breakfast with some fabric crayons I had.  She thought it was great.  She is wearing CeCe skirt from last year.  Which worked fine she couldn't have been happier.

         This Mom wants something special for them on these special days. "Let's make you a cute skirt I will take you shopping to pick something perfect out."  I took her shopping for fabric and we had a bit of a conflict.  She wanted some Hawaiian print orange with yellow flower knit like, bargin bin fabric.  Well I wanted something schoolish with red in it to match the shirt we had (one she is wearing with red sleeves). 
Argument ensued.  

Threat made...pick a fabric (with red please) and stop pouting or we are leaving.
Begging and bartering...Mom will buy the strange print knit fabric and make another shirt or dress, but please still help find a fabric to go with the shirt.  

At this point kid isn't listening, is not comprehending anything except 'Mom said no'. Well we left.  No new fabric.  Nerves frazzled tears welling (yes, my eyes too) and Mom has learned what?  It didn't even matter she was perfectly happy to wear the old red skirt!

Don't you just love that she chose to wear her black boots today!  She is the kind of kid that kicks her shoes off were ever and doesn't ever remember were that was.  I really think these were all she could find this morning, because I know she has some really cute Mary Jane's.  But, as I have already learned it doesn't matter and she is perfectly happy!