Friday, September 17, 2010


Copy And Steal Everything. 
I read this out in the web somewhere and that is me!  And here is a CASE of my CASEing:


She loved it!  It really has been done minus the tail for over two weeks. Someone took off with the "tail" and they couldn't find it for me.  Until I took the time to dig through the dress-up box (I mean corner).  She said she loved wearing it except her friend kept wanting to touch her. hahaha

The designs was free on Sewforum for a while but is no longer available.  The skirt I used a tutorial, but she suggested 60" 30+30...way to big with the double layer.  Maybe it was my fabric?  I cut about 15" off.  I will keep to my regular cut of about the width of fabric on these skirts.  The top band is the waist plus 2".  Which worked great for us.  May be more of a problem on someone with more of a bum though.  sorry I can't find the link to the tut, but I am on a temporary  lap top right now and don't have all my links.

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