Thursday, May 26, 2011

Valentine blocks

Well I realized as I posted the birthday boards that I never showed you my Valentine ones.  May have been slightly distracted in February.  I would love a redo if the month could come out different!  (saying that just makes my vision blurry with tears wanting to flow over...not today, please)

On with the blocks.  Here is what I made.  I had a couple friends come over and make some blocks too.
Here are mine...sorry about the glare.

Here are a couple of theirs.

And because we can't leave well enough alone. Here I turned mine over and made spring blocks
And my friend turned over her Love blocks and made Fall
Aren't we genuineness?  hehehe

Blocks turned around

Nothing like getting the most out of what you have...I've flipped a couple of the blocks from the birthday boards and now we can use it for all sorts of things.
 By they way you can buy the kits from me for $6 plus shipping.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Flat" Headbands

These were so fun and so versatile.  The more colorful the more it could match anything.
We took a couple minutes to dig through the scraps. 
Tie style headbands.
 My daughter really want a vintage look. So I tried one with some lace and a ribbon rose.

The roses were made using the tutorial from here
I used my rolled hem foot to hem the edges.  If you don't have one of these puppies it may be something you want to go try out at your local dealer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Now we are talking candy for giants!
Junie had a birthday party.  Candy/Movie theme.  See she is a teenager now and what do teenagers love?  Well mine love candy!  In fact all her friends gave her candy for her presents.  
For the party favors, besides the candy bar, which they at during the movie and didn't end up filling their bags to take home, I made Jolly Rancher pillows. Fun huh?!

I used elastic at the ends and they stuffed the pillows when they got here (okay real story: I didn't finish the pillows before they got here so stuffing them became their activity at the party.  They loved it)

Junie came up with all sorts of names for her friends Jolly Rancher Flavors.  so cute!
Plenty of fun and plenty of food.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Blocks

I first saw similar blocks on a blog share.  Hers are a bit different, I forgot to save the other link to give credit to that blog as well that used the chalkboard block for the age. They got the idea from How Does She. Looove that site!

I decided we really needed these around here.  How fun to use the chalkboard vinyl to be able to personalize the blocks every time we use them. 

I could only find 20 gauge wire.  It really needs 18 gauge.  I will have to go out and find some.

Happy birthday Sweetie!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baptism Dress

Really this is a confirmation dress as she was baptized in a jumper. We in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints baptize at 8.  I was asked to make a dress for my niece.  They had nothing really specific.  So I just had fun.  This dress had no zipper or buttons.  It just slipped over her head.  But she did inform me it was hard to put on :(  It should have been a size larger.  I followed her measurements and the pattern, but this one unfortunately was a bad fit. 
Over all I love how the dress come out.  I used a simple polyester satin from Hobby Lobby. I had purchased two different things to go for the waist band but was unhappy with both once I got them home.  I am happy with the flowers I ended up putting on.

I used an over lay on the bodice and made some butterfly style sleeves.