Monday, May 24, 2010

What have I been doing?

This is what I have been working on. This company called about doing some monogramming on a couple shirts. I said yes. Then I find out they really want the logo done and it was really 12 shirts and 5 hats. I wasn't really happy with how the hats were turning out. I don't have a hat hoop so it was hard to get it in there right. I only did 2 and stopped. They called and said they loved everything and I should try the hats again. I guess we are sometimes our own worst critics.
I still had a number of unfinished items for the craft show. (which I pushed through and finished!) It rained and hailed on the show!I think we covered booth rental -not even lunch :(

Monkey gift

I was invited to a baby shower this weekend. Since I had the craft show I couldn't go. I whipped these up to drop off before heading out of town. I had went to the store three times trying to find something I was excited about. I finally had to say to myself
-last chance pick something or it is not getting done by Saturday!-

I stayed up late getting it done. I could have taken it to her anytime, but today someone at the shower contacted me about making some more matching stuff for the Mom to be/baby, so that made me feel good. My final fabric choices must have been approved!
I made a nursing can't really see it in the picture it is out of the brown/green fabric. She has a little two year old and Mom said he was super excited about his new shirt.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Petti Skirt Misshap?

I found some really cute fabric on the $1 shelf at WalMart. It didn't fray and it was supper soft and looked like Chiffon. I decided to make a petti skirt out it.

Problem...wayyyyy to heavy. There is no boing and it just pulls right down. I think the material has some lycra in it making it heavier than the tricot or chiffon.
And I knew it half way through, but I couldn't not finish.

What was I thinking?


Well not much of a reconstruction. My dd didn't want this as a dress type shirt so we shortened it. She was super excited. Now she brought me another project. It will have to wait I have to much to do this week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Okay this is not totally cute and fun, but I knew I wasn't making a mistake buying the Silhouette. This little job covered half of the cost of the machine. I call that good! Now I can play to my hearts content and not feel one bit bad about having another machine.
Of course my hubby is going to say why don't you market for more business?
Then when would I play?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rag Quilts

I was commissioned, hehehe makes me feel cool to use such a big word, to make two quilts for a softball team's coaches. The girls are going to cut it. They wanted to be a part of it. This is a perfect type quilt to have extra people involved. I started these on Thursday. I am glad that I am finally done with them. I have so much I wanted to be doing. It doesn't hurt to make a little money on the side though does it?

Here is a picture of one, the other looks pretty much the same. There maybe a color in different place or two.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Book Purse

My Daughter just turned twelve today. She loves to read. So the perfect present for her: a purse made out of a book. There are many tutorials online. I combined a couple different techniques that I saw and made what worked for me.
This book I picked up I actually purchased for reading, however with a little research found it had inappropriate discussions and values opposite of ours. Lucky for me it was a dang cute pink hard bound book! Away goes the words and here it becomes a darling purse.

I messed up when sewing this. Maybe it was the midnight sewing? I got the lining facing the inside and ended up gluing the fun polka dot to the book :( I already had the glue ready before I noticed or I would have fixed it.
I don't think she noticed, hehehe

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Okay so it was Dad's birthday last week and I whipped him up a tie. Well the tie was already made, I just added embroidery. I wish my lettering worked better on my software! He hates wearing ties, but he wears one every Sunday. Maybe now he will enjoy it a bit more.

Quick gifts

Mom was coming to town today so I had to get a move on on her Mother's Day Gift. I had left over material from a bag I made her two years ago so I used it to make an eye glass case. (I know the E is not centered. That is what I get for rushing!)

I also made her a matching Tissue holder.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I decided I don't have enough to do around here so I am joining a sew along!
It is a layered halter top. I am so bad at mixing fabrics. Let's hope something inspires me!
Also, on a different note I was so mad...I went to a local fair/craft show and there was this adorable apron. Well, more adorable was the fabric. So I asked the lady were she got it and all secret like she said she got it from a wholesale dealer. Uggg I could tell she was just mad I was not asking to buy her apron. I had even considered asking if she would make skirts (she had really cute skirts there) out of the fabric in my little ones size. Well she lost out now. And we have a photo of her apron so I am on the hunt! Maybe I can find it for the sew-a-long!