Sunday, May 15, 2011


Now we are talking candy for giants!
Junie had a birthday party.  Candy/Movie theme.  See she is a teenager now and what do teenagers love?  Well mine love candy!  In fact all her friends gave her candy for her presents.  
For the party favors, besides the candy bar, which they at during the movie and didn't end up filling their bags to take home, I made Jolly Rancher pillows. Fun huh?!

I used elastic at the ends and they stuffed the pillows when they got here (okay real story: I didn't finish the pillows before they got here so stuffing them became their activity at the party.  They loved it)

Junie came up with all sorts of names for her friends Jolly Rancher Flavors.  so cute!
Plenty of fun and plenty of food.

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