Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have been so busy this first few days of the month. Adjusting to school being out and having extra activities for the girls is wiping me out! I did finally get this accomplished.
Grandma and Grandpa are across the sea on a LDS Mission. We have made them laminated placemats with pictures for Christmas or Father's Day in the past and they love them. I wanted to do it again but seeing as it has to be mailed and getting into the smallest priority box, this year I made them with fabric. I used mostly scraps and some Photo Fabric I picked up at JoAnns.
I worked around the photos I printed. I wanted more group photos for the second placemat but the kids were cramping my style, hehehe. Once the baby was smiling everyone was looking at her or frowning because it was taking so long. Well one photo was what we got. I have to learn let go more and just use the more candid ones. The placemats came out to be 18 X 15. (they look tiny in the picture. I have huge tile in my entry way, guess I should have found somewhere else to take the picture.)I have a tie that I am putting in the package too. I still need to get the embroidery on it. I hope it gets there by Next Saturday.

The placemat with only one photo is actually upside down in this photo to how I made it. Isn't it fun that you can not tell?

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