Monday, July 19, 2010

New Car Seat Cover

I forgot to take a before picture so you could truly appreciate what it looks like now. Just imagine a brown faded holy cover to this...

Please disregard the dirty floor {embarrassed}

It took about 4 hours! A little longer than I wanted to take, but I did have to do some unpicking :(
It took one yard of fabric for $5.99 and I used Headvisor material foam stuff (forgive me I don't know what they called it, but it is for automobiles from Hancock) for the seat bottom as it was worn through where the little legs hang down.

You ready to recover one too? Here is how I did it.
  1. I unpicked the old cover (making mental note of how it went together, which didn't go over well since I had to unpick, hehehehe) I used it for a pattern giving myself an extra 1/2" around.
  2. I then pinned everything to the old seat cover parts. Adding an extra layer of foam to the seat bottom.
  3. I stitched the button holes.
  4. Then I ran a basting stitch around each pattern piece connecting the new fabric to the old piece...this makes for a perfect fit. Then I trimmed all the fabric to match the old seat cover parts.
  5. I sewed it all back together. The top to the bottom, then the sides, then the outsides.
  6. I used FOE along the top and bottom to cover the edges. I had purchased green fabric to make binding and that would have worked as well, just got lazy I guess. You could also just go all the way around...which I did on the infant seat I did earlier with bias binding.
  7. I didn't go all the way around because I had serged the pieces down the sides. Through the middle I added some FOE pulling it so it would stretch over the edge just to make it a little more snug, the old seat cover didn't have this and flipped up a lot.
I love that this seat has those plastic covers there on the back. Keeps everything snapped in place and covers those button holes.
Now V wants her seat recovered too. Maybe next week.
So lets go recover!!

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