Monday, July 5, 2010

UFO finished

I hate to admit how long this has been a UFO, but since there are very few people that read this blog what the heck. At least 6 years if not more. I was determined to get it on my wall by the 4th. I am happy to report it was hanging by the 3rd! Yeah!!

I took a quilting class with my SIL and they taught us cutting and measuring tecniques using the 9 patch and the log cabin (that quilt is still not done). They taught us how to hand quilt. I think that is why I put it away. I decided they are never going to come and check up on me what the heck am I waiting for. I stitched in the ditch bound it and hung it. You probably can't tell but there are little flags on the fabric and stars on the blue and red borders.

1 comment:

  1. Crafters can relate to many UFO's and their antiquity. The important thing is to get them out periodically and work on them. Sooner or later they will be finished. Marvelous job on the wall-hanging!