Thursday, June 30, 2011

SummerTime Rag

This one of the funnest summer prints!  It is SummerTime By Barabra Jones for Henry Glass

It has the cutest little baskets and flowers.
The quilt shop had it in a quilt pack.  I didn't like the quilt pattern they had picked so I decided that it would be a perfect picnic blanket.  I used the rag quilt method using old levis for the back..Oh I forgot to take a picture of the back.:(

The blanket consist of 9" blocks in three variations.  Then I ran out of the strip and had to move some colors around.  I think it turned out cute dispite the unexpected changes.

We took it to the church to be put in an auction.  The girls are headed to summer camp and need funds so tonight we had spaghetti dinner for $15/family and bid on cakes for dessert.  I came home with two plates full of cupcakes.  The blanket went to a new home for the price of $150 Yeah!!!

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