Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buried in Ruffles

Lately I have been consumed with polka dots and ruffles.
Minnie Mouse style aprons to be exact.

 I had the fortune of being asked to make aprons for a convention.  Did I know what I said yes to?  I did a test one to see what my time would be like to make one.  I don't think it calculated to the same as when I did them assembly style.  Which I thought would be faster!  It probably still was it just seemed to take foooorrrreeevvverrrrr!

I really wanted to gather these ruffles right on to the aprons but I just couldn't get it to gather as tight as I needed it to.  That was a real bummer to have to add the extra step in there.
It started with hemmed 3" strips. Thank heavens for the rolled hem foot!
Then ruffle that stuff up.  120" per apron.
That is 126 yards of ruffled goodness people!
(picture only shows about half of them)
It seemed to go on and on from there...pockets, ties, top band.  I had planned to put on my label on with the waist band, well that was totally over looked as I got to the last step.  Must have been tired of thinking by then.  Bummer!

note to self: anything times 40 will take forever!

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