Friday, April 22, 2011

Appreciation Gifts

Still working PTA stuff.  KeyKey has front office duty at the school so she wanted to come up with something really nice to give her Lady Friends.  (code for Mom make something cool for the Secretaries).  Well I worked long hours into the night to finish them up and what do I have to show you?

The Prep work...see all those cute fabrics!

This is one finished set
Snap pouch (yes it really fun I used a metal tape measure.) pattern my own.
Key fob, nail file holder, and Kleenex pouch

And This another
How the two I got to get a picture of were pretty much exactly the same was very odd since there were only two sets out of the 12 that were even close to the same.

And those aren't even my favorites out of the 12 I made :( sad day. I was just to busy this morning cramming all the gifts into packaging and what not to take the time to snap a picture. Maybe KeyKey can take her camera to school one day and ask one of her Lady Friends to let her snap a picture.

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