Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prep Work

I am getting ready for Teacher Appreciation Week for the Jr High School.  ~I am so proud of myself.  It is two weeks away and I actually started.  Can we just give a shout out for a procrastinator who actually is starting early...okay not as early as some people I know, but for me this is BIG!!

On with the stuff.  Purchased these great tumblers in an group buy so I got a fantastic deal on them. I am really hoping they are a hit.  I will be adding names on the back side and include it in a tub of sodas.

And since I had everything out and was having such fun, I threw together this fun cup for my SIL that is getting married this weekend.

My daughter said I should make a cup for the groom.  I hadn't really thought of her using at the wedding just at work this week.  Thought it would be fun for her.  I didn't use the outdoor heavy vinyl so we should be able to pull it off and write her name on it.  Maybe I should put "Mrs..." on it for her.

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