Monday, December 27, 2010

Pillow pets, Mommy version

Well the month when I should of had the most to show you I haven't taken the time to post.  Lets do a little recap shall we?

For the little girls I made pillow pets.  Thinking they would be cheaper than purchasing (they were) and pretty simple (the pillow part was, the head? another story)

The bunny turned out really cute I think.  I used an embroidery design for the face and that is what made it turn out so cute.  
For the puppy I couldn't find a design so I had to come up with my own face.  I am not very good at this!

But it still got some loving!

I embroidered on the tags.  (the shinny stuff between the letters will come off)

Here is the tutorial I used.  Next time (if there is one, I think the puppy might just get a new head although KeyKey really wants a penguin.) I would adjust the pillow to be wider so it folds up to more of a standing animal. Our cousin go a genuine (but not as cute) pillow pet and it is more of a rectangle than a square.

I was going to make our cousin one too.  But went with an owl pillow instead.

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