Thursday, February 24, 2011

One tough Week

My younger brother of only 30 passed on this week.  It was sudden and unexpected, and still unexplainable.  But with love and courage we are doing okay.  I am extremely thankful for my belief in eternal life and that we will see him again and that he is now amongst many that love him.

I made him this drape...or more so made it for my Mom and Dad as a keepsake.
 It is quite crumpled in this picture something must have happened between funeral and cemetery

 It is one of the most stitch intensive designs that little fish on there that I have ever done.  23 color changes. And someone was really watching over my shoulder because there is not a pucker on that thin (well starched) cotton.  On the lettering however there was some tension problems there :(
I really liked the personal touch of having it there as we did the burial at the cemetery.
Mom and Dad were thrilled. 

As you can see on this picture it is a handkerchief (it was suppose to be higher than that so the flowers hid the top of the handkerchief.)

 And so you can see the beautiful flowers before my drape made them fall off when they were moving the casket:

My advise: maybe add a center strip of something non slip to the middle of the drape?  Oh the poor Funeral Director was just mortified.  But everything worked out just beautifully.  There were sooo many loving people there and such great family support. It turned out to be a sad, beautiful day as we laid my brother to rest.


  1. oh Jennylyn,
    I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    I can't imagine the pain of losing a sibling.
    The drape you made is beautiful.