Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine Wreath

After Christmas the house looks so plain!  I am attempting to make up for that by making Valentine crafts.

I saw this cute garland here, but I am to lazy to go to all that trouble and time.  I dug through my scraps (so glad I keep my scrap ribbon aren't you?)  I ripped strips of fabric about 1"x4" give or take and inch.

 Now here comes the lazy part.  I got out some fold over Elastic (only because it was pink and I thought it would show less, it could have been any elastic)  I went to the sewing machine and started stuffing the bits under the foot, sewing it right to the elastic which I pulled as I sewed.

Wrapped around this wreath that I had picked up at the Dollar Tree last fall and never did anything with.  Hung it up.  Now that was a quick 15 minutes!  My kind of craft :)

Well I just had to add another 5 minutes to my wreath. What do you think of some roses?


  1. I'm just stopping by from Sew Forum. Thanks for sharing how you put the wreath together. I'm going to make one this weekend if I get a chance!

  2. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That is a great wreath. I like that better than the ones made just of fabric. The wood gives it a nice touch.