Monday, August 23, 2010

Were have I been?

Always so busy in August when I think I have nothing to do.  We took a trip to California for a family wedding.  The rest of the month has just flown by.  Little things to do all the time.

I am the Membership Chair for the PTA.  For give-aways I made these darling hair bows.  I madeBackPack tags too, I just didn't have them on the board yet when I took the picture.

On other news we had a bit of a car accident this week.  We were the middle of a three car sandwich.  Yes we got the worst of the deal.  Front and back smashed, air bags deployed.  It was an 1998 so I think the insurance might think it is cheaper to call the car totaled. Here is my dd with her bruises
That is how she shielded herself.  I guess it might be a good thing the air bag could have gotten her eye or nose.  I always fought them about sitting in the back.  The sign says 12 and under, I always tell them.  It was like an award to her on her 13th birthday to ride up front.  Now, she says she is not sitting up front any more.

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